Dianne Criswell


Dianne Criswell is a Senior Associate Attorney at Kelly PC, and has focused her career on government law practice.  Dianne graduated from the University of Washington Law School in 2003 and is licensed in Colorado and Washington State (inactive).


She began her career in the Legislation and Policy Division of the Washington State Department of Revenue and continued to pursuing her interest in fiscal policy as revenue counsel and fiscal analyst (non-partisan) for the Washington State Senate Ways and Means Committee where she provided legal and policy analyses of legislative proposals, drafted legislation, and staffed budget development for many state agencies. Before joining Kelly PC, Dianne served as the Legislative Counsel at the Colorado Municipal League with a portfolio of issues, including sales and property tax, TABOR, municipal elections, Colorado Open Records Act, and the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act, advocating for municipalities with the Courts through amicus curiae briefs and with the Colorado General Assembly.


At Kelly PC, Dianne serves as legal counsel to the Colorado Special Districts Property and Liability Pool, the Colorado Firefighter Heart and Cancer Benefits Trust, the County Workers’ Compensation Pool, the County Health Pool, and the Colorado Counties Casualty and Property Pool, as well as supporting municipal clients.